Advice for AP exams

By Matthew Shanbom, Managing Editor

The time of AP exams is once again upon us and while the process may be slightly different this year, it is still important to try your hardest. I have compiled some reminders, tips and tricks for this year.

  • Write down your AP ID. This can be found on AP Classroom. Your AP ID will also be emailed to you.
  • Each exam is 45 minutes long with five minutes to submit each part.
  • Exam dates and times have changed since the beginning of the year, double check the current date and time online.
  • Each student will receive a test ticket via email 48 hours before the start date of that exam. Do not delete this email because it will be necessary to access the exam.
  • Try the online demo. Testing online is a new experience this year and every student should familiarize themselves with the testing environment.
  • Not every part of the question has to be answered to receive a 5. Head of the AP program Trevor Packer confirmed this and more on his Twitter.
  • Try sample questions. Every AP exam has had new questions released that follow the format for this year.
  • Don’t get stressed out. While this whole process is different, all the work has not been lost. Most colleges are still accepting credits from this year’s AP exams.
  • Work in a quiet space. Get set up in a separate room. Don’t lie in bed during the exam instead sit at a table or desk.

The results for AP exams will still release around the regular July release window. I wish everyone good luck as we all try this unprecedented test.

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