How to celebrate Mother’s Day at home

By Emma Parker, Staff Intern

There are t-minus three days until nationally celebrate our mothers and mother figures, showing them how much we love and appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices they have made.

This year is kind of different on how families plan on celebrating Mother’s Day due to COVID-19. All the social distancing rules are causing some to be separated from their mothers. Kids and siblings are now forced to become even more creative when it comes to ways, they can make their mom feel special on this day.

Here are five ideas on you can celebrate Mother’s Day while in self-isolation:

  1. The Classic Breakfast In-Bed

Nothing like a classic, making eggs and bacon with a glass of orange juice brought to her bed can be a great way to show your appreciation. What would make it even more special is adding a homemade card describing how grateful you are to have her as your mother.

  • Host a picnic in the backyard (if you don’t have one in the living room)

It could be as simple as setting out a beach towel and serving a PB&J with a drink. You could also go as far as preparing a whole meal with fancy drinks and desserts. The kind of food isn’t what is most important but the fact that you did it.

  • You can make a craft

Now with all this extra time on our hands, more people are getting the opportunity to learn new skills and hobbies, one of them being different kinds of arts and crafts. A bracelet, canvas painting, or even a tie dye t-shirt are all things that you can make in dedication for your mom that she can use for years on end. Reminding her how much you love her.

  • Clean the house

This present is something that most moms would really appreciate and love you even more if you did it for her on Mother’s Day. Who wouldn’t appreciate a clean house, especially since the majority of our time has been found to be located in the house. So really it is a gift for everyone in the household.

  • Create a mini spa/relaxing basket

In this basket you include some small things that you can either order on Amazon or have around the house, such as a candle, eye mask, bath bombs, or even a gift card to a spa for a manicure with a note saying that it can be used once the world gets better. This can be anything really, you know what makes a day relaxing for your mom so just add those things that make her stressful reality a little less stressful for a day.

These are just five ways to show your love, while at home, for this year’s Mother’s Day. I hope everyone stays healthy and they take this time to show how much they appreciate the ones they love.

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