Getting out but staying socially distant

By Chloe Oldbury, Staff Intern

During quarantine I have started to walk or ride my bike to the park near my house just to be more active and have a short escape from being locked inside.

What I’ve noticed as time has gone on is that people are starting to get more comfortable leaving their house. The first day I went biking to the park, there was no one there. The parking lot was blocked with caution tape, and the whole place just seemed abandoned.

About halfway into quarantine I noticed there were some people playing baseball on the field and others were exercising there too. A couple days ago, I went back, and the caution tape had been removed, and a bunch of cars packed the parking lot.

No one was on the swings, slides or monkey bars, but there were around 15 people on the field.

I think it is good people are getting outside to get fresh air; however, they should minimize the number of people in their group because we still need to maintain being socially distant.

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