‘Clone Wars’ ends just right

By Keanu Silva, Staff Intern

The Clone Wars reached every fan’s hearts 12 years ago when it first released. The series had taken a pause some time ago, but with the development of Disney+, the series released its final season to give a long awaited ending for Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex, giving deeper explanation to Anakin Skywalker’s story towards the decision for Order 66, and this ending does not leave a fan unsatisfied.

Even though there was another series, “Star Wars: Rebels,” it was only a sequel to the ending of the Jedi after Order 66 In this final season we see Ahsoka escape the Jedi and find her way towards the idea of helping others, reuniting with Anakin and Rex, who help each other survive after the Order 66 tries to kill Ahsoka and the clones being killed after the order.

We finally get the long-awaited return of Darth Maul and the duel between him and Ahsoka, and this one was truly one of the best. Ahsoka feels the darkness in Anakin and knows that he cannot be trusted anymore.  The series also syncs with “Revenge of the Sith” and gives the fans another reason to love the series’ final season.

After all this waiting, the series does satisfy and gives the fans a good ending to their childhood that started 12 years ago and a reason to keep loving Star Wars and its stories.  Also Happy May The 4th


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