A visit from a teacher

By Matthew Shanbom, Managing Editor

While the quarantine has been a stressful time for everyone because they can’t see their friends or teachers, people have had to suffer through little outside visits. That changed for me this past Friday when English teacher and Tornado Times adviser Andrew Shipe came to my house and delivered the 2020 Beanpicker yearbook.

This came as a shock to me, as I did not expect to get or even see the yearbook until the school figured out how to distribute them. After Shipe went to the school for the yearbook delivery, he brought back a box of yearbooks to distribute to journalism students who had already bought a copy. This was much appreciated as it allows me to think about and see my friends at school even if I will not get to return until August.

Of course being on the newspaper staff, there is a rivalry with the yearbook meaning this delivery came with an unforeseen catch. After skimming through the yearbook for some time, I wrote up a page of feedback, and sent some of it to the next Beanpicker editor in chief, Bria Kuntz. This feedback was partially lighthearted in our joking rivalry, which in the end helps both of our publications improve.

While I can’t guarantee a delivery date or even a delivery, the yearbook is still on sale online for $80. I personally think it is worth it at that price.

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