My first AP exam

By Anonymous

On the day I had to sign up for classes, a man came out and told us, “Take AP Human Geography, it’s so easy, if you don’t you’ll regret it”. So in my pure stupidity I signed up for the class. Throughout the year, I am not going to lie, this was my least favorite class. Actually I hated this class with a burning passion, but once you take it you can’t get out, so I went ahead and did my best.

Throughout the year we would take a practice exam: a multiple-choice test and then a written portion. So fun! As horrible as it was, it was practice. Practice for a test that I thought I was going to take, yet here we are, with a weird replacement test that feels like they were made with a glue gun and tape.

I like to stay positive and think that there are other students who have way more AP classes, and if they have done it, then so can I. But then I remember: they have never done this before, in fact no one has. Knowing that does not help me sleep at night.

Currently school feels more my grandma’s shed: caving in on itself. I feel like I am doing less learning and more of whatever the teachers feel like. On Mondays, for example I have no classes, and it feels less of a coincidence and more like none of my teachers feel to work on Monday. Then suddenly on Saturday and Sunday I get a million notifications about work that is due the same day.

AP classes/tests feel the same way. My AP Human Geography class feels less like a class and more like a hobby with a final. It doesn’t feel fair at all, and I simply can’t imagine any of the work I am doing now to actually count as a college class when there are so many external factors that could be putting me at an unfair advantage or disadvantage compared to other students.

Going into my first AP test I feel unsure. It seems as if a lot of my hard work has gone to waste; for example, our teacher warned us that the bulk of the test was going to be vocabulary, and now I get messages from College Board telling me that nothing that can be looked up (including vocabulary) will be on the test.

Fortunately for me two of the units got cut off from the test, so there is still hope. Anyway at least the test is soon, so I can get it out of the way as soon as possible.

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