‘Outer Banks’ worth going in on

By Isis Williams, Staff Intern

I’ve recently finished binge-watching a new show Netflix has released on April 15 called “Outer Banks,” an action/adventure-filled teen drama web series.

It’s set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and follows a free-living teenager, John B, and his three best-friends who are always causing trouble throughout the island and call themselves the “Pogues.”

They join in the hunt to find the island’s hidden treasure, which holds a connection to the disappearance of John B’s father. Although friendship, love and money are some of the main obstacles for the Pogues, another group of teenagers known as the “Kooks” don’t allow the Pogues to beat them in anything.

Overall, it has received mixed reviews. Some support the show and are anticipating for Netflix to renew it for a second season, and some disagree, claiming that because it is not being filmed in the Outer Banks, writers didn’t put in enough research to correctly represent it.

It’s one of the few series that caught my attention after watching the first episode and trapped me into finishing all 10 episodes in two days.

The show gives a summer vibe as well as action and mystery, so I’d recommend it to anyone interested in those types of shows.

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