Explore new hobbies for upward-facing attitude

By Chloe Oldbury, Staff Intern

We are in another week in quarantine, another week of repetition.

My dad and I have been stuck at home while my mom is still required to go to work. We have been sticking to the same schedule of waking up, doing our work, then sitting by the pool, which is a privilege I am extremely grateful for.

However, after many weeks of doing that same thing over and over again, we needed some sort of change. So, we did some thinking and decided to start a new hobby, yoga.

Yoga is perfect for a time like this as it is an activity that can improve mental well-being. It allows you to reduce stress and become aware of your body.

It is our third consecutive day of doing yoga, and so far, we have really been enjoying the experience. To my dad “yoga is a way to find calm in a crazy world.”

To me yoga is a way to help reduce my stress levels, and it is helping me achieve relaxation that I have never truly experienced before. It has been very beneficial to the both of us and we encourage you to try a new hobby during quarantine.

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