‘Casa de Papel’ takes heist of your attention

By Amber Brown, Staff Intern

Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel as it is known to its Spanish viewers, is the perfect show. It has drama, passion and amor, all wrapped up into the central plot of taking down capitalism (one of my favorite subjects).

The show starts off with the premise of eight former fugitives and the best in their respective fields who, under the guidance of el profesor, rob the Royal Mint of Spain where they plan to print over $1 billion then dig a tunnel to take the money hot off the press to their escape.

The show was originally meant to only be 15 episodes long, and after peaking in its first season and then not doing so well in its second, the show seemed to be over. Then Netflix picked it up, leading up to the eventual Money Heist: The Phenomenon.

The show quickly became a worldwide sensation, a sign of resilience and taking down the big guy. The show’s celebratory song, “Bella Ciao” (a personal favorite of mine), became the anthem of the underdog.

Newly escaped refugees danced while wearing Dali masks in the middle of deserts. Crowds joined together during Saudi Arabian soccer games carrying flags with the show on the cover. The show started its own mini-revolution, somehow restoring hope.

The show credits many things to its fame, but mostly it’s simple lovable characters. Even though you see these people holding guns to the heads of teenagers, there is still something inside of you that loves them, and even at some points makes you hate the hostages (shout out to Arturito).

But what makes me love the show is the same thing that makes me hate it: You never know what might happen next. The unpredictability seems like pure genius at times, when you see an animal-rights-activist/warmonger or montages of the characters bonding amidst their most stressful moments. But with that also comes with watching core characters who, starting to feel like family after several episodes, pass away right before your eyes.

The documentary of the show mentions that this unpredictability comes from the fact that the writers are writing the show as it is being filmed, so they don’t know what will happen next.

After the main 15-episode plot was over, I became worried that the robbers’ second adventure that the robbers was going to be nowhere near as good as the first, or that they would add some characters who would be absolutely horrible. Yet somehow I think that this second plot might be even better than the first.

 If you don’t think you’ll like the show, trust me, you’ll like the show. If you like action, it has guns, military helicopters, blimps and tanks galore. If you like drama, that’s how half of the characters screw up the plan anyway. If you like politics, the show focuses a lot on optics and government. If you like horror, it has its moments. In essence this show paints the picture of the impossible crime that everybody wishes for, the crime that starts the war of the people and the belief that they could be the ones doing it.

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