When will we return?

By Ethan Del Campo, Staff Intern

I guess you could say I’m pretty lucky. I live very close to Pompano Beach High School, and that proximity makes it convenient to get to school quickly or get home quickly from after school sports practice. These days school is empty and the infield area of the track at PBHS is completely overgrown.

When I pass by now, it seems like ages ago our school was bustling with students and staff. Our campus looks like a ghost town.

When will it be safe to go back? Until there is a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, there will always be a chance of the disease spreading; however, sometimes a vaccine is never found. Decisions about reopening will vary depending upon who you talk to, but I have spoken to friends who want to start back in school in August.

Since the fourth quarter went virtual, the workload for each student varies. Many days, I have six to nine hours of work. Two friends of mine in Miami-Dade County High Schools are also experiencing fatigue from hours of online work. By consensus, we all agree it is a better learning experience in person than virtually.

Keep practicing social distancing now so we can get back to the existence we all prefer. I am anxiously waiting for the day the announcement is made for when school will reopen.

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