Leveling up and playing games

By Keanu Silva, Staff Intern

About 49 years ago the word “Esports” wasn’t an actual thing, but a year later a group of companies came together to create the first ever Esports tournament for Battlestar Galactica, with a cash prize for players who advanced to the last round.

When the first ever online multiplayer videogame was released, it all became something else. The word “gamer” started to go around, and soon entertainment companies like YouTube, Facebook and Amazon started their own gaming-based platforms where streaming became a thing

All of this gave people an opportunity to show their hand-eye coordination and gaming skills. The first esports teams were created by teenagers who had a fan base and were professionals on their games.

Those teams are now the biggest businesses in the world with Faze Clan having millions of dollars won in tournaments and 100Thieves being one  of the biggest names in the industry. Many more Esports teams have played in several tournaments with Call of Duty, League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, Fortnite and other games.

Even colleges have taken this massive opportunity to start esports teams of their own with scholarships for students to start their careers, but you don’t need to go to an expensive school to become a star.

First, you need to put your name out in social media, show off your skills, take time in making videos and streaming on the platform that suits you the most. Join amateur competitions in your own city and always keep grinding.

As you start to go up the list of players, you will need an agent (like your mom) to find connections. Then, join professional tournaments in what we in the esports community call “the big leagues.” Soon you will start to win huge cash prizes, teams will give you contracts and you will gain sponsors easily as your name starts to get recognized.

You can use all of this knowledge to start training your gaming skills while you are quarantined and use all of this free time to make a career off your skills.

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