Comfort media in a time of crisis

By Alexis Schatten, Editor-in-chief

Since stay-at-home orders were first set into place, there has been an unnecessary emphasis placed upon making the most of the free time we’ve been given. While making the most of our free time and picking up ten new skills or hobbies seems great in theory, in actuality, it’s more often stressful than not.

Sure, it’s great to learn new things, but now is also a time to focus on taking time for yourself and doing what makes you feel best. Over the last few weeks, I’ve found that, for me, what makes me feel the best is going back to what’s made me happiest in the past. Yes, I’m learning new things and consuming new media, but something I’ve found makes me feel the best is the comfort of media I’ve enjoyed in the past, be it a TV show from my childhood or one of my favorite book series.

It’s important to be productive, but it’s equally as important to make sure you’re not stressing over the small things. Balance is key, now more than ever.

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