Keep working spaces clean

By Matthew Shanbom, Managing Editor

I recently cleaned my desk for the first time since the quarantine began, and I feel so much better after it.

Prior to the cleanup, I had stacks of lined pieces of paper filled with calculus, multiple essay prompts for AP Lang and pens, too many pens. These pens would get buried after every work session, and I would pull out another from the package inside my desk.

This had to stop, but in the right way.

All the pieces of paper can’t just be thrown away or stuffed in a drawer in the desk. They have to be sorted through: What have I turned in, and what have I yet to turn in?

It’s important to not throw away any paper until you receive a grade for it even if you have a picture. Having the physical copy allows for quick fixes that a teacher may request.

Of course, my final recommendation on papers, is to type whenever possible and save papers in the cloud such as Google Drive and OneDrive. Google drive provides 15 GB free and OneDrive provides 5 TB to each Broward Schools student.

While I don’t have too many other tips, I recommend only keeping out textbooks you are presently using and putting away or stacking neatly the other textbooks. And of course, take breaks from school work and step away from your working space. Get your work done, but don’t stress yourself out even if you have five AP’s with two hours of work a day each.

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