This time was made for walking

By Alisha Durosier, Staff Intern

I’ve come across a new hobby. Well, it’s something that one wouldn’t consider to be a hobby, but I do consider it as a hobby. Walking.

The outside has been very gratifying these days, almost like a quick getaway from being cooped in the house all the time. I just pick an hour of the day, preferably some time near or in the evening, when the sun is close to setting and there’s a subtle breeze making it just the right temperature to walk for as long as I would like to.

I put in some earbuds and allow my music to block out every sound that surrounds me, and even though I’m inside most of the time, this is when I feel most relaxed.

I’ve also picked up people-watching. I see many people on my daily walks. Whether they are walking or biking, they’re alone or they have a companion. Sometimes I even recognize some faces, but I pretend I don’t.

With every person that I see, I think to myself. Why did you decide to come outside? Were you forced? Did you need some time to yourself? Where are you going? Do you even know where you’re going? What are you listening to?

Sometimes I am tempted to stop and ask someone those questions, but I just smile and wave.

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