Reach out a helping hand from your home

By Chloe Oldbury, Staff Intern

My dad volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County, and I recently signed up and was accepted to volunteer there also. I was supposed to start sometime in March, but now due to quarantine the club is not fully running and I can’t go in.

To continue working with the kids the club has asked us to record ourselves reading some children’s books to send to the kids at home.

This morning we found some of my favorite books from when I was younger, and we each took turns reading them. We are going to email the videos to the volunteer coordinator.

Most of the kids come from poorer, underprivileged families who don’t have the resources or time to work with their kids. They all have different situations, but some don’t have their parents at home during this time.

By reading to them I think that we are helping. They might not have the support systems at home to give the additional help they need during this hard time. I hope we can do more for them throughout the quarantine and find new ways to cheer them up without being face-to-face.

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