Quarantine birthdays

By William Strachan, Staff Intern 

I have been stuck in my house for most of the quarantine. We don’t have people over the house and we rarely leave the house, except for when we need to restock on food or supplies. 

Birthdays have been very small scale celebrations. 

Most of my family decided to join a joint Zoom call for my mom’s birthday. Family members from both my mom’s and dad’s sides of family joined the call to wish her a Happy Birthday. It was a kind gesture for everyone to be able to participate in the call, and she was smiling during the entire time. 

My family and I have stopped by some of our close friends’ houses to celebrate their birthdays. But instead of walking in and celebrating, we’ve been leaving the gift at the door and waiting at the window to see them.

Once they see us, we give one of them a call, so we can talk on the phone with a window dividing us. This way we can still communicate with our friends without being at risk of contracting the virus in case one of them has it. 

So maybe there are some ways to enjoy your birthday during quarantine even without being able to hold a gathering. There are ways for you can have little celebrations, as long as you put in the effort. 

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