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Glimmer of hope in a simple tune

By Alyssa Jiggetts, Staff Intern

Within the past month, we’ve seen many facilities close right before our eyes. From school to nonessential businesses, the things that used to shape our everyday lives are now closed. For the better part of quarantine, many of us have probably been stuck in an endless cycle of frivolous routine. Yet that routine broke just slightly when I heard a soothing melody from outside my window.

To many it would seem odd as being essential, but to me it was relieving to see an old ice cream truck going down my block in the middle of quarantine. The nostalgic jingle of the truck seemed like a hypnotizing siren song as within seconds people from all over the block were running out to get their treats. Everyone did follow the precaution of staying six feet away, but the sentiment of coming together for an unsuspecting treat remained.

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