Can’t beat Beat Saber for fitness and fun

By Keanu Silva, Staff Intern

When being stuck at home, you go through certain ideas of what to do, and one of the most stressful ones is wanting to exercise. But you feel tired and don’t really have any motivation to do so. 

Well, there is one option that can benefit you by staying fit and doing something fun, though you will need some hardware to do this.  Beat Saber, a VR (Virtual Reality) video game, manages to mix exercise with gaming. Not all companies can successfully manage to pull this off.

The game consists of you, the gamer, using the controllers as light sabers to cut color boxes the direction each box says to. One side is blue and the other one red, but as you level up it gets harder every time, and it switches sides randomly according to the song you are playing.

The game has many updates where it releases new music packs, paid and free songs added to the game’s playlists. Those songs are not much fun after you have played them a bunch of times. Luckily, the Beat Saber community creates mods through BSABER, a community-made page where fans can upload custom songs, sabers and maps for other players to download and play through their headsets.

Many think that by just playing a game you can’t get “fit.” They are not completely wrong because this game is not the same as going to the gym and doing pull ups. But it still gets the job done, and it makes you sweat. It’s good for your body, though you need to know what to do before just going in and playing.

First you should only play for 2-5 hours each day with hard mode recommended. Before doing so, you should stretch, and throughout playtime you should drink water. If you play this game every day constantly, you will gain strength and hand-to-eye coordination.

The game has pretty much any songs that you want to try out, and it is certainly fun, so if you want to stay fit and enjoy quarantine, try out Beat Saber on all VR stores with Oculus, HTC and even PSN.

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