Sew your own: Ways to minimize quarantine time

By Daniella Cale, Staff Intern

This quarantine isn’t the easiest to deal with.

Students want to see their friends and family, go outside, basically do anything but stay in their houses all day, but there are ways to keep this time in quarantine to a minimum. Social distancing helps, but here are some easy ways to help even more.

In times like these, where people are scrambling to buy whatever they can, it may be hard to regulate what you buy, but it is extremely important. For example, instead of buying masks and a huge bottle of hand sanitizer, leave masks to the workers in hospitals and buy less hand sanitizer so that more people can get it.

Several households are making masks, including my own. This might not seem that important, but it could make a difference.

Bulk buying only causes other shoppers to go from store to store and increase the risk of catching the coronavirus, while if we all bought just enough, this wouldn’t have to happen.

If we really want this whole situation to be over with, we need to work together and think less about ourselves and more about the people around us.

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