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Get a head start on college applications

By Matthew Shanbom, Managing Editor

As everyone is stuck inside for the foreseeable future, now is the perfect time especially for juniors to get a head start on college applications.

I have started the Common App which allows you to apply to nearly 900 colleges at once. So far, I have filled out all of the background information and will soon start the long-dreaded college essays.

While I know many may think it is a little early for college applications, I do not want to be stressed out the entire month of October leading up to the Nov. 1 deadline.

While the Common App background information can be filled out without knowing which colleges you are applying to, making a list and looking at specific essays and questions different colleges have is an important step in pacing the process and determining how many schools you are going to apply to. I personally have five colleges on my list, but that can always grow or shrink depending on my needs.

While not every college I am thinking about is available on the Common App, filling this out will make it a lot easier for those colleges that it is available for.

About Matthew Shanbom (30 Articles)
Matthew Shanbom is a senior and the Editor-in-Chief of The Tornado Times. He is interested in coding.

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