Free time

By Sierra Krey, Staff Intern

Other than leaving the house to go to work on the weekends and maybe get emergency groceries, my family and I have been locked up in our house every day. You would think with all this free time I would have something to do, but it is the complete opposite.

If I am not completing work for that week for school, then I am most likely just on TikTok or floating in my pool with nothing to do. It is eye opening to see that without school and other forms of social interaction that I do not really do anything else.

I already don’t play sports because I never had the time before, but now with so much free time I can actually go outside and play catch with my brothers, lie around and tan for hours, or even just go on walks with my dogs. It almost feels like I’m missing something/not doing something that I need to be doing.

Another drastic change is my sleep schedule. Now I wake up at noon or later and go to sleep any time after midnight. With all this free time I have completed things that would have taken me weeks if everything were back to normal, but now it only takes a few days to get one of those projects done. Hopefully, over this break I can find some more hobbies I like to do while stuck in my house, but for now I will continue to stay bored.

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