Zooming to ballet

By Jordan Greene, Staff Intern

The coronavirus has halted many things, dance classes included.

Because dance classes consist of many dancers confined to one studio, the possibility of infection is very high. The classes at my studio, Real Dance, have been moved to online Zoom meetings.

Zoom is a platform that allows multiple users to video chat together.

These meetings have their ups and downs, but I’m not upset about them. I think they make the best of a bad situation.

Instead of using ballet barres, students use the backs of chairs and desks. Instead of dance floors, we dance on carpet. 

Although the timing of music can be difficult and there are many delays, it is very useful to be able to record a dance class and re-watch the mistakes you made. It also allows users to pin a video, so they can watch only the teacher. This helps students get less distracted.

Of course, there is the occasional parent photo-bomb, but everyone laughs and has a good time.

Overall, I really enjoy the Zoom meetings. I can keep up with my dance technique, and I can stay connected with my friends at the studio.

There are also plenty of pre-recorded ballet classes. If you are interested, you can find them here.

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