Using quarantine for productivity

By Anonymous

During this quarantine I’m sure most people, including myself, have been overwhelmed with boredom.

For the first couple of weeks I was doing the same couple of things every day. I would wake up, eat breakfast, do my schoolwork, then once I finished, I would sit around in my house doing nothing for almost the rest of the day.

It felt like someone hit the repeat button on life and everything was looping.

Now that we are a few weeks in I have begun doing different activities after I finish my work. Since my club volleyball season is cancelled, I am now staying active at home and practicing for the school volleyball tryouts. I started running almost every day and doing at home workouts to stay in shape.

Quarantine is giving me an opportunity to try new recipes. So far, I have made a cake, cookies, muffins and banana bread the past couple of weeks. Baking takes up time, which is good when I need something to do.

The last thing I have been doing is cleaning and organizing. At the start of the break I repainted my room, which took a couple days to complete. Now that it’s finished, I organized my room and cleaned just about everything in it.

I also have been cleaning around my house in my kitchen, living room and bathroom. Since no one really knows how long we will be in isolation, we might as well take this time and use it for productivity.

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