Making a bed to make up for lack of normalcy

By Alexis Schatten, Editor-in-Chief

Since the switch to online school, I’ve had an especially hard time getting used to the changes we’ve been faced with. Never leaving the house seems like a fine idea in theory: watching that TV show you’ve been putting off, reading all the books you’ve never gotten the chance to read and spending time with family. Ideal scenario, right?

Sure, for the first day or so. Then… not so much. Not leaving the house at all is hard. We’ve always had a set routine. Wake up now, get ready to leave for school or work, get in the car, go. Except that’s all being done at home now. So, really, how can you stay motivated when you don’t have any routine? You make one.

Since online school has started, I’ve had a set routine. Wake up, make my bed, make coffee, work. It’s not a long routine, but it’s what I did before we switched to online school. By doing this little routine, I’ve been able to acclimate myself to online school a bit easier.

It’s important to maintain some semblance of normality in these trying times. Lives are built around routines, and in keeping one, even now, this quarantine will become much easier for us.

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