Live conferences everywhere when parents are also teachers

Third-grade teacher Wendy Strachan works online from a different part of her home.

By William Strachan, Staff Intern

It has been three weeks since online school has begun for those who are stuck in quarantine. Students are struggling to sustain the amount of work some of their teachers assign to them. Issues with being able to connect to online classes has been a struggle for most students as their internet slows down due to the amount of people trying to use the same WiFi connection.

However, everyone in my family is holding classes. Both my parents happen to be teachers who have a strict schedule when it comes to their live classes.

 My stay-at-home learning has been the same as most students for the most part. Most of my schooling is done in my bedroom or living room, and I tend to get a bit distracted from my work at times.  

Both my parents are on top of me all time about getting my work done. They have me show them every class in Canvas and any other websites that teachers may use. They try to get me into the habit of doing as much work as possible on Monday and Tuesday, so I don’t have much work left for the rest of the week.

Problem with that is, well, I seem to procrastinate enough where I’ll have an assignment due at midnight and most likely start it around 11:30 p.m.

The problem I run into however is when I’m trying to get out of my room. Both my parents hold live conference calls in the morning. My mom will usually start hers around 9 a.m. with her third graders who are being taught in both English and Spanish. My dad however will start his meeting around 10:30 a.m., just after my mom has finished her meetings for the day. He usually is on his live conference calls till about noon every day.

So, from the time I wake up, I must carefully maneuver my way to eat some breakfast before my morning classes. I can hear my mom talking to her students and occasionally shushing me if I make too much noise. Same goes with my dad.

Both of them continue working even after their live conferences are completed. They both offer extra help for their students and take hours to plan their lessons for their classes.

I’ve seen the amount of work that is needed to prepare each lesson, and it isn’t easy at all. So, to all the teachers, I would like to thank you, for putting in all time and effort into trying to help continue our education during this lockdown.

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  1. Thank your parents for their dedication and to you and the Tornado Times for your motivation, dedication and sharing our “ new normal “. My house sounds just like yours !

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