‘Five Feet Apart’ hits close to home

By Avienne Adeline, Staff Intern

Honestly, most “teen movies” are not very relatable.

They can try to be but there is a guideline Hollywood follows so that not only teens like them but adults and children too. Whether it’s when the guy gets the girl, the two old best friends reunite, or it’s all just a happy ending.

Being in quarantine I have watched a multitude of movies that are based on that type of scenario. So I have found it very hard to relate to certain movies. In reality not everything is going to have a happy ending.

The movie “Five Feet Apart” came out last year, and I never thought I would be able to relate to it. But being stuck in quarantine I have realized the meaning of that movie.

In this movie there are three people who have cystic fibrosis. And they all happen to be friends. The main character starts to fall in love with one of the other main characters, but for them to be together they have to stay five feet apart. Hence the name of the movie.

In quarantine we are isolated in our homes; however, when we leave our home we must be six feet apart from people we don’t live with to maintain our good health.

The end of the story isn’t necessarily a happy one. I have only seen the movie once, but it made me cry. So this movie is relatable not because of the ending but the middle of the story about surviving being five feet apart from each other.

And if they could do it for the amount of time they did, I think so can the rest of us so that we are all healthy and safe.

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