Consider watching the people walk by my window socializing

By Madison Zimmer, Staff Intern

So I didn’t put my head through a wall, I promise. To continue the self-destructive tone of my last entry, I haven’t slept in around 46 hours.

Why, you may ask. I don’t have answers. I’m sure you’re aware, as I can’t be the only one watching the numbers click on our digital clocks, it’s been almost three weeks on lockdown.

All this has been mind-numbing … maybe that’s from my encounter with the wall or the homework being thrown at me one digital stack at a time. Either way, I’m happy to say I’ve taken a brief journey of self-discovery during quarantine.

OK, that’s pretentious, really I’ve just discovered I can drink eight cups of coffee and no water in under 10 hours without my organs rupturing, and I think that’s a win.

Note to self: sleep deprivation and caffeine highs aren’t personality traits.

To be honest I’m not sure what else to update you about. At this point, I’ve been in my room so long I don’t know who I am anymore. I find myself saying things like, I wish we were still in school or I should start knitting. WHO ACTUALLY WANTS TO KNIT?!

No offense to your grandmother, of course. I’m sure the sweater she made you is lovely and not itchy at all.

Anyway, so I’m watching people walk by my window right now, and there are kids … middle schoolers … outside. Honestly I didn’t even realize kids lived in my neighborhood.

I mean, I did, you just never see any of them outside on their bikes, being kids or whatever. Now you may be wondering (you definitely weren’t), “Maddie, if you are so bored why don’t you be like those kids and unglue the cellphone form your eyes and partake in physical activity outside of ….”

Stop. Absolutely not.

I enjoy living like a fish in my fishbowl watching people pass back and forth. Fish usually seem pretty happy, except for my the one my best friend had in fifth grade. Bubbles just lay down on the bottom and waited for food.

I would tell you to stay safe but instead I’ll just say, be more like Bubbles, he had it all figured out.

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