Adjusting to the “new norm”

By Anonymous

With it being a month since school has been closed, it gets tougher day by day trying to find things to occupy me and adjust to how life is now. I’m usually not one to really go out anyway, so I didn’t find it a problem with having to stay quarantined at home in the beginning, but it’s at the point where I can’t even go to the store when I want, and that bothers me. Seeing constant reports about having to continue social distancing for a while somewhat stresses me because it feels like it’ll never end. Aside from all of this, I’m grateful for having my family around, who are remaining positive and calm, and for getting to talk to my friends even though it’s not face to face. For the most part, everyone couldn’t spend their spring break like how they anticipated, and it could possibly be like that for the summer too.

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