Spring athletes seek road to staying fit

By Ethan Del Campo, Staff Intern

The track and field season—along with all other spring sports—should be in high gear right now, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have all been shut down. Local gyms have also been shut down. It is up to us, as student-athletes, to work hard to stay in shape.

As I look down my street, I see an opportunity to stay fit. Running is an excellent outlet not only to get exercise, but also to clear your mind and forget about the pandemic facing the world. I find running to be a daily stress-reliever.

If running isn’t your thing, perhaps swimming, rollerblading, or bicycling would be a great stress-reliever for what is happening in the world beyond our control.

My teammates in our group chat are trying our best to remain positive and hopeful for the season to resume; however, with so much uncertainty, we held a mini-online ceremony congratulating the seniors on our track and field team as our senior night was cancelled. This was not exactly what everyone was hoping for. Coach Didymus did send the team a screenshot of this letter from the Florida High School Athletics Association stating that high school sports may extend to June 30, 2020. This would be something we’d all be happy and grateful for.

Whatever sport you are in, work hard to remain fit. For me, if track and field doesn’t resume this school year, I am looking forward to cross country season in the fall.

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