Start podcast to entertain yourself

By Keanu Silva, Staff Intern

Being separated from your friends is one of the worst feelings you can have. Since quarantine started my friends and I have been overwhelmed with all the assigned work and being bored, but the idea we had months ago came out to be a very good distraction and stress reliever.

We started our own podcast, Torture Chamber, where we talk about different topics, news, entertainment such as videogames, movies and music.  Starting a podcast is the perfect way to entertain yourself and your friends while doing something productive.  We got a sponsor as soon as we shared the idea, if you download anchor to easily do this. 

If you and your friends have a good relationship, doing a podcast will be easy for you, inviting guests to the podcasts, doing live bonus episodes and recording ahead of time unless the news topics rely on the time it happened.  For example, we recorded an episode yesterday and had to upload it the same day because we talked about COVID-19 and the numbers specified change every day.

So, if you have time and plan ahead with your friends, start a podcast and calm your stress. Don’t let anybody’s comments affect your ideas and passion, and do what you like, talk about what you like and try not to make the podcast too short because if you do it way too long you can just edit the parts that you don’t like out of the episode.

Please reply with the link or URL to your podcast, playlist or whatever!

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