Quarantine’s new song

By Emma Parker, Staff Intern

On April 9, alternative band Twenty One Pilots released its new song “Level of Concern” on YouTube.

The song addresses mental health and the concerns that have been coming up in the news and social media due to the recent spread of Covid-19, forcing people to stay at home.

People who already struggle with mental illness are having a hard time because they are now forced to stay in their homes and limit the amount of in-person human interaction. This source of interactions, for some, is a support system that helps them through their hardest moments but is now being taken away.

The band Twenty One Pilots is no stranger when it comes to mental health. The Columbus, Ohio, duo have written various songs that address depression, anxiety and suicide, trying to prompt that it is okay to feel these emotions just as long as you get help and find healthy ways to deal with them.

The band members themselves have come forward expressing their own struggles with mental illness, such as depression and anxiety. They even took a year long hiatus to focus on those mental health issues before they came back in 2018.

The song talks about how the world is full of so much panic and worry, and that people are starting to get anxious. All he is asking for is that people stop for a second and focus on the idea that this will all (hopefully) be okay in the end. Even if you have to lie to yourself, tell yourself something that will reassure you that you will be okay, thus bringing down your level of concern. Hence, the title of the song.

This song was a great way to reassure people that it is okay to worry, but you shouldn’t focus all your time on that feeling. It also shows that it is not just one person experiencing these kinds of emotions and that you’re not alone.

Everyone should listen to this song because everyone is experiencing these kinds of emotions. The song adds a catchy tune to express that, compared to listening to all the statistics and everything going on in the news.

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