‘Introverted homebody’ can’t stand isolation either

By Alisha Durosier, Staff Intern

Every day it becomes more and more clear to me that I am living through a major historical event, and as with most major historical events it is not very thrilling. Before COVID-19 forced everyone to stay in their homes, school, church and the occasional trip to the grocery store were really the only times I spent outside of my house. So for me, an introverted homebody, self-isolation should be comfortable but it’s quite the opposite.

The outcome of the coronavirus has definitely been worse than my expectations, and I don’t have many distractions to keep my mind off the worsening effects of this virus. Initially it was the memes that gave me some type of easement, but the coronavirus is becoming less of a laughing matter and more of a source of anxiety. Every sneeze or cough is a cause for concern as shelves filled with essential items in local grocery stores become empty.

Self-isolation also made me realize how incompetent I am. Without school or church to fill the hours of my week, I have nothing to dictate my schedule. I find myself waking up at 2 p.m. and staying up until sunrise, and in boredom or in the late hours of the night I eat. With my schedule in my own hands I find any way to take up my time regardless if it’s healthy or not. 

Also, being in my house all the time has made me inattentive to my physical appearance. I wear the same clothes every day of the week. I have unkempt three-week-old braids in my head and a really itchy scalp. I also wait until sundown to take a shower. It saddens me that this is the person I’ve become, but I am also doing nothing to change such traits.

I’ve reached all the stages of self-isolation besides insanity. It’s what I’m most proud of in this agonizing experience: that I haven’t lost my mind. However, being alone with my thoughts is probably the closest I’ve seen to insanity. It’s crazy what one is willing to do in instances of isolation and boredom.

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