During pandemic, get a job

By Sierra Krey, Staff Intern

We have all heard the precautions that we’re supposed to be taking during this horrid outbreak. For instance, don’t go out unless it’s necessary, if you do go out wear gloves and masks, and many others.

 But some places that are considered essential must stay open, and their employees must work, like Publix.

My father, a manager of a Publix, told me that since no one would want to work through this pandemic Publix would be hiring and that I should put in my application to get a job there.

I didn’t think much of it at first because I had always wanted to start working! Over the past week I had my interview and filled out all the paperwork. I am officially a Publix employee and my training started last Friday, April 9.

I’m nervous of course because I have never had a job, but my mother was even more nervous for me, not wanting me to catch COVID-19. For now, I’m perfectly healthy and very happy to start my new job, and hopefully it’ll stay that way.

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