Thanks, teachers!

By Frankie Wolfe, Staff Intern

What is it like sitting at home during online school? For starters, it’s boring. There’s no social interaction, everything is closed, and online school is difficult.

With online school there have been technical difficulties involving errors through Canvas, troubles with WiFi. The first day of school Canvas wasn’t working too well with every student and teacher trying to get their work done.

However, that problem was resolved for the second day of online school. This week everything seems to be going back to normal, or as normal as this can get.

So far, I have had one or two assignments for each class, and classes are giving extra time to ask questions or to talk about anything that’s been on the students’ minds.

Teachers also do online video calls to help students out and have somewhat of a real class. I happen to like the video chats of some of the teachers. They give me and other students a chance against social distancing.

Today teenagers are struggling with depression and anxiety, and with quarantine happening these cases can tend to get worse. That being said, social interaction, even through the phone, is better than nothing.

Besides schoolwork and social interacting there are lots of things to keep you busy. I have been drawing, keeping up with my photography and doing lots of exercise to keep fit.

Quarantine isn’t terrible, but I definitely miss seeing familiar faces every day and interacting with teachers and friends.

I have spent a lot more time playing with my dog and hanging out with him. Of course, I spent time with him before, but this gave me more free time to hang out with him.

I’ve gotten to bake and cook, catch up on television shows, and even learn some new things like getting better at makeup.  

I appreciate all my teachers who have taken it into consideration that not only is it hard for them, which every student understands, but it is also hard for the students. So, I am saying this for all my teachers, THANK YOU!

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