So much to do, so much time

By Keanu Silva, Staff Intern

At first glance quarantine doesn’t seem bad, not much school, free time, and you think about everything that you can do. It has been about three weeks of quarantine and all of my ideas have vanished as they all have been done or it just seems boring.

I have gone deep through Netflix’s catalog (FYI, there are a lot of weird movies). I have finished more than four series and even went into Canada’s Netflix server with a VPN.

On that side it’s not that bad, but since schools are doing online schooling, it all changes. Some teachers are not used to Canvas and are giving way too much work. Some teachers that understand the situation and want to give relaxed homework.

When you can’t see any of your friends, you go to Facetime or video games. I am an Esports player, and you might think that I won’t get bored since it literally is my job. Well, you are not completely wrong.

Many video games have been released, some good ones and some not very conventional. My friends tell me to play Animal Crossing, but I don’t understand it, so what else is there to do during quarantine?

There are not many options. If you like working out, there are apps that help you train at home. If you like sports, there are some online sports events that are still going, but they are not as fun as they used to be. Video games can be a good time consuming activity, but difficult people stress me out. There are many books out there that please different sets of minds and can even help you towards your future. You can start a Youtube channel or and post short and fun videos. Or, if you’re one of a eight kids at school who hasn’t yet, start a TikTok account and do whatever makes you happy. Even though quarantine can be very stressful and gives anxiety, do not go out unless you need to. You might not be affected by the virus, but there are thousands of elderly people dying every day and it is our responsibility to take care of them

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