All dressed up, nowhere to go

By Jordan Greene, Staff Intern

On March 7, I won the title of Miss Broward County’s Outstanding Teen, a position that comes with many public appearances and lots of volunteer work. After the pageant, I was so excited to begin wearing my crown to different events!

However, I have only had the opportunity to attend one event because all the rest have been cancelled.

While it is upsetting because I feel like I cannot offer hands-on help in a global pandemic like this, I am trying to make an impact at home. For example, the Miss Florida’s Outstanding Teen group has been spreading the importance of staying home through its social media pages.

It is a very interesting shift titleholders have taken by spreading awareness mainly through their social media when they usually can do it in person. Even Miss Florida has begun a Social Impacting While Social Distancing campaign.

Personally, I have been developing a website for my project and taking photos in my crown to post.

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