Starting to enjoy online school

By Anonymous

The first day we began online school, I didn’t enjoy it.

It was stressful, Canvas was breaking down, I couldn’t access most of my work, and I didn’t understand how to do many of the activities assigned.

It’s been a week now since we started, and I have been enjoying online school more than I originally thought I would be.

Before the virus became a big thing, during and after school hours were always stressful for me. I was rushing to complete work, I had tons of homework, projects, and more. I was never able to do many things I had been wanting to do simply because I didn’t have the time.

Now, I have been managing my time and work better so when I complete all my assignments, I can focus on other activities like practicing sports, running and reading new books, things I never got to do before online school.

I like to take advantage of my environment now and do most of my work outside on my patio since normally I was always inside a classroom or in my kitchen doing homework. Although I do miss the social interaction, online school allows me to be more flexible with my schoolwork and focus on other things I love to do.

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