My mental lockdown

By Alyssa Jiggetts, Staff Intern

Trying to explain the feelings of this time in our lives isn’t easy; in fact, its near impossible. For the first time in most of our teenage lives, we’re facing something historic and quite honestly terrifying. When the virus first sprouted, many saw it as a joke and something that could’ve been made fun of. Yet, as it spread worldwide, as shelves started to empty and as cases started to rise, the virus had been turned into something as a joke to one of confusing horror. We’ve seen the world we’ve known slowly start to crumble away as everything started to cancel or get shut down. Now we’re all mandated to stay in quarantine as we wait in slow anticipation of what’s to come. For anyone this may seem like a weird and confusing time. We all finally have that time-to-do-everything-and-anything sort of time, but at what cost?

When we ran out of food a few days ago, we were forced to leave and get more. For not leaving the house in two weeks, I was surprised to find myself being anxious. Going out gave the possibility of exposing it to my at-risk grandmother, and I was scared. Yet, as my uncle pulled out his Amazon delivered black plague mask, I couldn’t help but laugh. The thought of going out during a pandemic in that attire was absurd, but it made me realize how he was trying to make it more bearable for the rest of us. Finding light in a dark situation isn’t easy, but sometimes, it’s what’s necessary to stay lighthearted.

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