First week online: Too much work, too little structure

By Emma Parker, Staff Intern

This week marks the first week of online schooling in Broward County, and the last few days of the third quarter. To say that it was a rough start would be an understatement to say the least. If Canvas crashing all of Monday wasn’t a bad sign for the rest of the online school year, I don’t know what would be.

I am a sophomore at PBHS, and I can’t say anything for what it is like for the rest of the classes or for other schools, but for my personal classes, the work load has never been more over-whelming then it has been this entire year. The lack of structure and organization is stressful, the school taking away block scheduling and no Fridays has been hard and confusing to navigate, and the lack of in-person teaching has made the already confusing assignments and exams even more confusing.

Especially when everyday distractions like our phones, people and even our pets, if you have one, can always be even harder to deny when they’re always right in front of you. There isn’t anyone telling you to put your phones away or teachers telling everyone to be quiet for an hour in order to focus on finishing the assignment. I can say that I was guilty for dragging out a two-hour assignment into an all-day kind of thing due to taking a lot of little breaks on my phone and calling friends to distract me from continuing with my assignment — causing an entire day to fly by and most of my assignments to be not done.

I’m the kind of person that needs structure and organization, and school gave that to me with its two-hour, four-period block scheduling, four days a week from 7:15 to 3:15 — where each two hours were dedicated to a subject, and teachers were able to perfectly time out how much work and teaching time they had for each class. Now that everything has gone online, all of that has been thrown out the window, and teachers are assigning more work then they had this past year not realizing the extent of how long their work will take the student to finish and that the student also has six other classes that are doing the same. I am now forced to reorganize how my work schedule is going to look and to retrain myself on how to have a strong work ethic all week and not just in the three days over the weekend to finish any homework.

I know I wasn’t the only person who struggled this past week. The school and the teachers also expressed their own struggles with this new reality of schooling. Teachers have expressed multiple times through Canvas announcements to please be patient during these times. The PBHS Voice has posted through multiple school socials to send in questions students and parents have so that Principal Thomas and other administrators can address any concerns.

I never thought I wouldn’t be a huge fan of online schooling.  But I am now anxiously waiting for the day when school is back in session and my only complaints are about being so tired from having to wake up early each morning and too many after-school commitments.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Believe me, we all wish school was back in session. Communicate with your teachers. We are here to help. This is new for us too. We are in this together.

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