New club seeks to fix global water crisis

By Sierra Krey, Staff Intern

The Thirst Club began shortly before the coronavirus lockdown with the sole purpose of helping the global water crisis threatening our world.

“Me and a few other students were really moved by a presentation a person from the Thirst project presented to us in our chemistry classes,” treasurer Samyrah Lewis said.

The idea of helping a problem such as the global water crisis raised the question of how a couple of high school students plan to do this.

“We plan to raise $12,000 to build a well in Swaziland for the people who don’t have access to clean, drinkable water,” vice president Keerthana Madhu said.

So far, the club has yet to raise much funds, but it started brainstorming ideas to make the money to meet its goal.

“We have started to come up with some ideas to get the amount we need, $12,000.” said Lewis.

The club had already got the attention of a lot of the science teachers and other students after its first meeting on Feb. 3.

“The idea of building a well for people in some of the conditions I saw on the video made me realize how important our club really is,” said Madhu.

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