Ups and Downs

By Frankie Gowdy, Staff Intern

Whenever the bell rings its familiar tune, that’s usually the cue for students to pack up their bags and head toward their next class. They venture into the crowded halls and try to pass all the other students slowly making their way around the building while also keeping track of how much time they have left before the second bell rings. Of course, with only five minutes to spare between each period there really isn’t much time at all to slack if you don’t want to get that dreaded late slip.

Unless the classes scheduled to you are all on the same floor, or if you’re lucky enough to find another route downstairs to the courtyard for lunch, there’s a chance everyone at some point has had to brave the clustered main stairwell in the center of the school. It’s a complete jumbled mess of students trying to get up to the other floors while a couple hundred other students are trying to get down. It’s almost impossible to go anywhere whenever it begins to fill up.

This doesn’t only affect the main stairwell either, but also the hallway on the third floor. With everyone trying to get in or out of the mess, that means there’s another huge group of students to pass just to make it to the next period. What could’ve been an easy trek through the halls has now taken a student at least one or two extra minutes because of the huge traffic jam they’re facing.

Depending on your grade level, this situation may not present a challenge to you at all. But as a freshman whose first year is already full of twists and turns, you’d think at least you would be able to make it to your classes on time with ease.

Now, there are two other stairwells on campus that lead to the East and West wing respectively. You can traverse these stairs to get to your classes if you don’t want to risk going to the main stairwell area. These stairs make things a whole lot easier for students whose classes are further apart. They aren’t as crowded, and you can easily make your way up or down without having to worry about bumping into other people.

The problem with this option; however, is that it’s mostly closed off the whole time though. Which makes no sense. It’s not a huge dealbreaker, but it feels like an inconvenience that doesn’t have to be there. Whenever I meet with my guidance counselor, I usually take the eastern stairwell to get there as quickly as I can. But then whenever I go back to my class, I have to begrudgingly take the main stairwell and then make my way back over to the eastern side of the school for no reason.

I do understand that it’s only closed for security reasons and that you can still go up and down the stairs inside the building. I completely understand that and I think it’s a great policy to have. However, it just feels like a strange limitation that shouldn’t really be there. And considering the other option for traversing up and down the school is usually clustered anyway, I feel as if it would make more sense to allow students to use these stairs more often.

Posted: Jan. 22

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