Teaching Impeaching: AP Gov studies current events

By Daniella Cale, Staff Intern

The possibility of President Trump’s impeachment has been all over the news as well as around classrooms this last week as government teachers have taken the hearings as an opportunity to give students real-life examples of their curriculum.

“Once we get to class and we all settle down, Mr. L (Michael Lichtenstein) asks us what’s happening inside the news,” senior Hilton Etienne said. “Recently, it’s mainly about the impeachment hearing and how far into it they are.”

Lichtenstein, who teaches AP U. S. Government and Politics and a course on constitutional law, tries to get his students to converse about this issue as a way to teach his students and encourage civic engagement.

“I, as the teacher, am supposed to facilitate: ‘Here’s all this information, now form an opinion,’” Lichtenstein said.

This method can give students a chance to see why they are learning what they are and how it is related to current events without just hearing it from a textbook or teacher.

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