Erivo causes #NotMyHarriet protest

By Kayla Gayle, News Editor

Cynthia Erivo, a Black British actress, plays the African-American hero Harriet Tubman in the new biographical film “Harriet.”

There has been great controversy surrounding this movie, the main one being centered around the lead actress and her old tweets that have resurfaced.

“Can some1 explain why Black folks don’t like Haitians? Is it envy from them being able to end slavery quicker than America? *shots fired*,” Erivo said in one tweet. “(ghetto american accent)” was included in another tweet of Erivo’s, in which she made fun of African-American Vernacular English.

When the trailer for the film released in mid-July, a debate about whether or not Erivo should play Tubman sparked amongst the black community.

From 2011 to 2018, Erivo has been belittling African-Americans and promoting the ethnic prejudice towards the people Tubman fought to free. She insinuates that African-Americans are ghetto and have no culture, yet is capitalizing on that culture.

Erivo may even receive an Oscar for this role despite her bashing the people it is about, which truly just screams Hollywood.

It’s also pretty funny how in a tweet from 2017 Erivo said, “which would be fair if my heritage wasn’t African and I hadn’t watch black Americans play the roles of real-life Africans.” The hypocrisy is impossible to ignore.

I am African-Caribbean, and I know that if an African-American that was disrespectful and nasty towards Jamaicans, or any Black Caribbeans, I would start a riot if they were cast as Nanny of the Maroons or Paul Bogle in a biopic.

It makes complete sense why African-Americans are angry that Erivo is playing an icon that affected all of their lives. It’s disrespectful to Tubman’s legacy.

I’m honestly not surprised though, Hollywood absolutely adores not giving proper representation to minority groups that need it. But Hollywood, I’m begging, please do better because Erivo is #NotMyHarriet.

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