Class of ‘23 used democracy

By Matthew Shanbom, Managing Editor

The class of ‘23 held its elections to decide its new class officers. The winners were Adrianna Jacoby as president, Lorelei Bennett as vice president, Keerthana Madhu as secretary and India Miller as treasurer. 

While Madhu had no previous leadership experience, she still ran for the job, and won.

“I wanted to take responsibility in high school because I didn’t have an opportunity in middle school,” Madhu said.

Jacoby ran because she wants to interact with the freshman class.

“I have really good people skills,” Jacoby said. 

Bennett came into the job with previous leadership experience.

“I was the treasurer at (Pompano Beach Middle), and I was the vice president of NJHS,” Bennett said.

India Miller was not available for comment.

Since the group has not met officially, no large events have been planned but the group hopes to have strong communication of events and multiple fundraisers.

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