Jeantinor and Etienne won homecoming queen and king


By Alexis Schatten, Editor-in-Chief

Seniors Meldrina Jeantinor and Hilton Etienne won homecoming queen and king. Both initially ran for homecoming court to get out of their comfort zones and make their senior years memorable. 

“I decided to run because it was going to be my first time going to Homecoming and I wanted to break out of my comfort zone and try something new,” Etienne said. 

Neither had run for court previously, but they weren’t concerned with this holding them back. Etienne was the only person running for homecoming king, and Jeantinor was confident that she would be able to win queen. 

“I think I won because I communicate with everyone in twelfth grade and I form good relationships with everyone that I’ve ever encountered,” Jeantinor said. “People gravitate towards my personality.”

Posted Oct. 3

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