Minecraft builds lead as highest selling game

By Matthew Shanbom, Managing Editor and Javier Garcia, Sports Editor

Minecraft is the best game period. Minecraft is a blocky sandbox game first released in May 2009. Since then, the developers have released regular updates which change the game while keeping the original vision while keeping the game fresh for years to come. 

Minecraft has established its dominance against other games by passing Tetris for the highest selling game of all time with 176 million units as of May 2019. Additionally, the gap between Tetris and the next highest game is 60 million units making the number one position a monumental achievement in and of itself. The sales for Minecraft are divided among 18 platforms including Windows, IOS and Xbox 360. This abundance of platforms has allowed for the prominence of the game among a large audience who could all play a similar game no matter which platform they use.  

Not only is it accessible on a wide range of consoles to play it is also reaches out to an even wider range of audiences. The game is rated to be suitable for ages 7+ which is usually around the age one would start playing games. In fact, it is the first game Introduced to my little sister mainly as a means to teach her the fundamentals of video games, which was effective and she has now moved on to other, more complex games. Regardless of its target audience appearing to be for kids with its childish graphics and appeal it still reaches out to people of practically any age. This is because from an initial glance the game is simple, place and break block in a large combination of ways to make anything, but that simplistic goal is what makes it infinite in possibilities. 

With the basic principles being so simple and easy to comprehend it simultaneously opens up to something only bound by ones imagination. The possibilities with block palettes and patterns/designs that is easily manipulated creates an infinite array of blocky buildings. You could log on and place dirt around in a cube, slap a door on it and call it home. Or, you can spend days and even weeks experimenting  with placing a block, stairs, slab, or plenty of other options just for the sake of one spot on a whole entire castle. The game is not limited by its age range or outdated graphics, what makes it great is that it is a game that is exactly what you make it out to be, a game not bound by limits placed by the developers but a game where there are no limits. It is a game time and time again has struck popular and has remained semi-consistent in its decade long lifespan. It is a game, that is simply the best.

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