New Pre-Ap English program begins

By Alyssa Jiggetts, Staff Intern

This year, the English department has signed up to be one of the only high schools in Broward County to offer Pre-AP English to incoming freshman. The program is designed by College Board to prepare students for the rigors of college-level reading and writing in their future AP classes.

“I think the College Board focus on teaching writing is extremely helpful and will benefit the students,” English teacher Paula Rodriguez said. “Some of the work may seem basic, such as focusing on making good sentences, but good sentences are the foundation of a solid essay.”

This year’s batch of students are essentially guinea pigs for how the course is taught.

“I do take pause with the fact that we won’t be able to read some of the texts I would usually do,” Rodriguez said, “because I do think that some of the books have value even beyond literary merit.”

Nevertheless, teachers are still optimistic that Pre-AP will prove effective in helping students achieve academic success.

“The program is about building and reinforcing skills, and that practicing allows you to develop the skills,” Rodriguez said. “When you leave school, you can apply what you’ve learned to read and interact with information in your futures, such as in the workplace or when reading the news.”

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