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OpinionLightningJPEGMaking fun of VSCO Girls isn’t funny

By Alexis Schatten, Editor-In-Chief

Since the dawn of Internet culture, teen girls expressing their interests online have been ridiculed for nothing more than being themselves. “VSCO Girls,” with their oversized shirts, hydroflasks and scrunchies, are hardly the first type of girl to be forced into a box and made fun of, but they are the most recent. They’ve been the butt of jokes across all social media platforms since the start of summer, and while it may seem like harmless jokes, it’s really not. 

Teen girls have been consistently placed into categories that mock their interests since the rise of social media. There was the “Tumblr Girl,” who liked to quote John Green books and shop at Urban Outfitters; the “Egirl,” who liked to wear striped undershirts and chains; the “Horse Girl,” who looks like she likes horses. The list goes on and on, and it’s likely that most girls have, at one point in their time on the Internet, been put into one of these categories. 

So, why does it matter if girls are categorized based on their interests? It wouldn’t, if it were the girls themselves that were doing the categorizing. However, more often than not, girls aren’t placing these labels upon themselves. They’re being given the label by a man, who can then take it upon himself to use this label as a way of making fun of girls who fall into the category. 

These labels have consistently been used to put girls down. Just because a girl likes a certain thing, that doesn’t mean that’s all she likes. Believe it or not, we’re people too. We have a variety of interests and if we want to wear friendship bracelets or oversized shirts, that’s only a small percentage of what makes us who we are. Narrowing girls down to these labels belittles us and makes us seem simpleminded. At the very least, if you’re going to insist on categorizing girls based off their interests, do the same for boys. Because as of now, I can guarantee you that you won’t find nearly as many people making jokes about boys who happen to fall into a category. 

Posted Sept. 11

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