Fresh advice: How to make it through your first year of high school

By Amanda Marsenison, Staff Intern

Being a freshman in high school is hard. On the first few days, getting to class seems confusing, the faces are different and the crowded hallways are intimidating. Last August, I didn’t know a single person and I had come from a terribly small private middle school. I felt completely and utterly terrified.

Now, I can look back on a fantastic year during which I met tons of new people, all with different stories, giving me new experiences. Because most of us have survived our freshman year unscathed, a few of my fellow freshmen and I hope to share our experiences and help the freshman Class of 2023 feel more comfortable.

One of my first tips is to study. I know this can sound silly, but many kids did not do this in middle school, making the transition to high school even more difficult.

“I had to develop good study skills to help me,” Matthew Stubbs said. “I learned to take notes, and study for tests days before the test.”

Another good piece of advice is to join clubs and teams. It is easier to make friends when you have something in common.

“Volleyball began at the beginning of the year, so it was really nice to recognize a few people in some of my classes on those first days,” freshman Kobie Jay said. “I met most of my friends on the court. Being part of a team is cool, and I recommend it to any freshman.”

While studying and developing a support group are good strategies to deal with the transition, getting into a relationship during freshman year may do more harm than good.

“Don’t rush into anything,” freshman Sophie Lichtenstein said. “Dating somebody can be a lot of work, and in addition to being on a team and having good grades, it can feel like a lot.”

Even without a relationship, expect to get really stressed at some point. It is important to reach out to somebody, like a counselor, a friend or family member so it never feels like too much to handle.

“Don’t stress over the work, try to make as many friends as possible, join one or more clubs, try to be organized and always put in the grind to get that bread,” Luis Caceres said.

You can avoid a lot of unnecessary stress by avoiding procrastination. The more you wait to complete an assignment, the more it may build up and the harder it will be to complete.

“Never save anything for the last minute if you want to get a good grade,” Julie Cigankova said. “I had some serious procrastination issues, and I’ve waited to complete things until the class period before it was due. That never works out for me, and I always end up getting bad grades on those assignments.”

An important thing to remember is that everyone is in the same boat. Even if you feel alone, lots of people are experiencing the same exact things.

Posted: July 23

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