‘Little’ takes on #BlackGirlMagic

By Kayla Gayle, Asst. Section Editor

3.5 Stars

With $15.6 million dollars at the box office on opening weekend, “Little” fills the theater with laughs while teaching a valuable lesson of loving yourself.

The film depicts Jordan Sanders, a strong, independent, and successful black woman, waking up in her teenage body after a day of being disrespectful to her employees. Her stoic assistant April Williams, played by Issa Rae, helps Sanders navigate through her unfortunate situation.

Thirteen-year-old Sanders is played by Marsai Martin, better known for her role as Diane in “Black-ish.” The young actress does an amazing job portraying a 30-year-old in a middle schooler’s body.

Throughout the movie, the audience learns to sympathize with Sanders while holding her accountable for her rude interactions with the people around her.

The chemistry between Martin and Rae on-screen was so ludicrous to watch, you could see a friendship slowly grow between the pair. From the seemingly endless arguments to their duet of Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Goin’ Down,” you start to fall in love with their dynamic.

“Little” was quite an entertaining film filled with jokes and silly moments. It’s clear why it climbed to second in the box office immediately, just behind Warner Bros.’ “Shazam!” upon its debut on April 12.

However, even though the movie is profitable, it just isn’t that memorable.

If it weren’t for the perfect casting of Martin and Rae, the movie may not have been as enjoyable as it was. The amusement the audience has while watching the film is due to the duo, not the actual storyline.

Martin is such likeable actress and portrays young Sanders in an amazing way where you really believe there’s a 30-year-old woman stuck in a child’s body.

Her acting is just so great that the lack of a strong script is easily forgotten. The young actress, as well as Rae, truly makes the film worth the watch.

Posted: Mar. 18

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